What is the best technology to evaluate bee health?

Demand for healthy bee colonies for pollination and declining global bee health necessitate improved hive monitoring. Horticulturalists want pollination-ready hives, and beekeepers value early intervention against disease and stress. To address challenges, beekeepers seek efficient tools for enhanced colony health monitoring.
Various sensor-based tools promise bee hive data like weight and internal temperature to help manage bee colonies. In our project, we will define the needs for bee health technologies for beekeepers and growers. We will test these tools against gold-standard lab methods, aiming to understand what they reveal about hive health and how to interpret their data. And finally, we will make recommendations and help with the adoption of relevant technologies.
To understand beekeepers and growers needs and expectations of the industry and the challenges to the deployment of sensor technologies, we have developped an online survey. Help us understand the needs of the industry by answering a few simple questions.

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